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Artist booking and management made easy with our range of contact and experience.

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Let your guest book the event tickets online sitting at their home

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Rental service for event related equipment are also available with Mayflos

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Regular On-ground event starting from 12% commission

Service included!

* Online ticket sale
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* Event day Box Office service(Manage 
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Our all round support service helps you to setup your event at ease...

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The Client appoints Mayflos as its exclusive agent for ticketing services for the Event in accordance with this Agreement. The client will not appoint any other firm/service provider to provide ticketing services in respect of the Event and the Client will hereby refer to Mayflos as "Official Ticketing Partner".




2.1 SERVICE CHARGE: Client acknowledges that Mayflos' normal practice is to pay the takings only after deduction of

i) Mayflos' fees i.e. 12% of the total proceeds of the event ticket made from the website and at the Mayflos office

ii) a compulsory payment gateway charge of 3% of the total sales of the event ticket made online, specifically from the website

2.2 PAY-OUT: No monies are paid to the Client prior to the event taking place. All monies due after Mayflos' fees and charges have been deducted will be paid to the Client within the next 5 business days following the event or the last day of the event (in case of multiple-day event).




3.1 The Client shall honour or cause to be honoured all Tickets sold or issued by Mayflos on behalf of the Client in connection with an Event


3.2 The Client acknowledges that Mayflos does not guarantee that any minimum or fixed number of tickets will be sold for any Event.


3.3 If the Client desires that special conditions will apply for the sale of tickets for the Event or the entry or admission of persons to an Event, the Client will advise Mayflos as soon as possible and will agree upon those special conditions with Mayflos not less than 3 business days prior to the date on which tickets are to be first offered for sale by Mayflos. Any additional expenses incurred by Mayflos as a result of any special conditions will be paid for by the Client.


3.4 The Client shall ensure that all advertisements for the Event shall display the name of Mayflos, the current logo of Mayflos and the central mobile numbers of Mayflos, and, where possible, the address of all relevant Mayflos retail outlets where tickets for the Event may be purchased Mayflos must provide information and material necessary to allow the Client to carry out its obligations under this clause.




4.1 The Client shall be liable for all refunds and changes payable in respect of all tickets in respect of interrupted, cancelled or postponed Events.


4.2 If an Event or performance is interrupted, cancelled or postponed the Client shall notify Mayflos immediately when the interruption occurs or the decision to postpone or cancel is made and the Client shall indemnify Mayflos against all clients, demands, costs and expenses arising from or in connection with the interruption, cancellation or postponements. This indemnity shall continue to operate notwithstanding the termination or expiration of this agreement for any reason Mayflos shall either refund or exchange all tickets in respect of such interruption, cancellation or postponement as required by law.


4.3 If an Event is interrupted, cancelled or postponed and all or any of the tickets are refundable, the Client shall pay to Mayflos the administrative charge due to Mayflos in the refund process.




5.1 Subject to clause 5.2, if the Client breaches this agreement and such breach is not remedied within five business days after having received notice in writing thereof from Mayflos, Mayflos may terminate this agreement.


5.2 If the Client breaches this agreement and such breach is incapable of being remedied, Mayflos may terminate this agreement immediately by giving the Client notice in writing.



The client represents and warrants to Mayflos that it is capable of granting the rights to Mayflos necessary for Mayflos to lawfully provide the ticketing services to the Client and in particular that:


  1. the Client has fully documented and signed arrangements in place for the use of the venue and all other arrangements in connection with the Event,

  2. the Client has all necessary permits and permissions to conduct the Event;

  3. Mayflos is appointed as sole and exclusive ticketing agent.




7.1 The Client indemnifies and shall keep indemnified Mayflos against all expenses, losses, damages and costs (on a solicitor and own client basis and whether incurred by or awarded against Mayflos) which Mayflos may sustain or incur as a result, whether directly or indirectly of:

  1. any breach, non-observance, or non-performance of the Agreement by the Client;

  2. any loss of or damage to any property or injury to or death of any person caused by any negligent act or omission or wilful misconduct of the Client or any of the officers or employees of the Client;

  3. the performance, non-performance, cancellation, postponement or interruption of an Event.



Each party acknowledges:

  1. that it will keep confidential all information of a confidential nature including the volume and pace of sales provided by the other party and use it only for the purpose for which it has been provided; and

  2. that all databases of Mayflos regarding the Event or otherwise (existing or to be established) and their contents are the property of Mayflos unless and to the extent otherwise agreed between the parties in writing.

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