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Wahyum Festival
of Arts & Music

Wahyum Fest

Still looking for a way to enjoy nature with food, music and Art? 

Wait no more; Wahyum Festival of Art & Music is the perfect solution. Started on 2021 after the advent of Covid-19 pandemic, is an initiative to celebrate and encourage the talent of our youths while recognizing their potential and enthusiasm. An annual event hosted by Wahyum Eco-Resort near the foothill of Taorem Hill Range.


The main objective of the event is to converge the different local/indigenous markets of popular & contemporary Art, Music and Literature, food, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, photography, tourism and products of Manipur.

A festival where you and your friends can enjoy everything our beautiful state has to offer. We also aim to cater a plethora of artists/bands from diverse genre. 

One important feature of our festival is that it is entirely a green initiative and encourages an eco-friendly environment. We do hope you help us in this effort and help us bring forward the idea into reality.

Be a part of Wahyum Festival of Art & Music and contribute in bringing a change in the field of Art & Music. Your contribution and support immensely motivates us to strive for more and improve every shortcoming that we have/faced. We are looking forward to your support in our future endeavors. 

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Confetti at Night Concert
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