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Be it the morning ritual of reading newspaper, or listening to radio on humid summer afternoons, or chatty gatherings over singju, or just welcoming guests, maangol (verandah) is a space where people, ideas and moments converge. Inspired by the versatility of maangol as a space, Yumpham Art Space is delighted to present our series of events, maangol-da, where we would host artists to share their works and ideas. Maangol-da will be an open space for discussions, conversations, exhibition, screening and interactive sessions with the artists or simply some moments of fun.

Do come and join us (at) maangol-da.


SIYOM is a folk-based ensemble from Imphal, Manipur. The name SIYOM is original and symbolizes "mother's womb" in the old Manipuri language. SIYOM was conceptualized in 2018 as a space to bring together a confluence of artists and musicians encompassing the traditional and the unconventional, the structured and the experimental.
SIYOM's original works incorporate elements from the oral tradition concerning the nature of storytelling inherent in the folk tunes from the soil of Manipur. Having experimented with original works alongside pre-existing folk narratives, SIYOM has delved into different facets of sound pertaining to the natural ambient soundscape, alternative, and world music.
SIYOM contemporizes the tunes of old and re-introduces them to the hearts and consciousness of the younger generation in Manipur and the rest of the world as well.
SIYOM's music indulges listeners to reflect on the nature of truth and reality encompassing environment consciousness, transcendental themes, and the appreciation of folk wisdom and its austere beauty with the intent to bring about a cultural and artistic liberation.

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