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*Please note by signing this application you hereby consent to MANFETE Organizers and invited media to photograph, make audio/video records to film your performance at the event for local media publications. MANFETE Organizers have the right to use the audio records and video footages in the future for business or promotional purposes.

Rules and regulations for the audition



  1. No violent or explicit lyrics.

  2. Songs can be original or cover.

  3. Each band should have a proper Band name.

  4. Each band should have at least three members.

  5. Maximum three songs and minimum of two songs.

  6. Each band must have one representative.

  7. Drums, Amplifier and the Sound System will be provided.

  8. Maximum 20 minutes will be allotted to each band for the audition.

  9. Time of the audition of each band will be scheduled after the registration.

  10. Instruments other than mentioned in R&R 7 should be brought by the participants.

The decision taken by the Judges and MANFETE Rock Organizers will be final.

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